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IBM focuses on healthcare, government, education

'Information growing exponentially' - IBM Thailand

IBM Thailand has introduced what it calls its Smarter Planet Agenda to help government and private enterprise organisations to achieve success in the third quarter of this year.

It believes that keeping up with the world is becoming instrumented and interconnected, and the amount of information being created by these interactions is growing exponentially.

IBM Thailand's country manager of general business Parnsiree Amatayakul said that under the Smarter Planet Agenda, the company would focus on four groups of customers, providing smarter healthcare, smarter government, smarter education and, for the insurance industry, management of operational risk through control objectives for information and related technologies.

IBM will offer smarter healthcare solutions, such as picture-archiving communication and back office systems, designed to help organisation in the healthcare industry to use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, dynamic infrastructure, green technologies, smart working and new intelligence to support both their patients and their businesses.

Parnsiree said IBM would also cooperate with Google Health to keep abreast of trends in healthcare technology and solutions for the healthcare industry. IBM will offer software to connect personal medical devices to Google Health and other health-recording systems, allowing patients to exchange vital health information with their doctors and other health services professionals more easily, and in real-time. Patients will be able to download their personal data into Google Health and doctors will be able to access that information at any time, via the Internet. Health professionals will be able to provide more timely feedback to patients on their conditions, suggest treatments, and help improve their overall quality of life.

In the smarter government category, the company will offer both tailor-made and service-oriented architecture solutions to help create greater efficiency in government organisations. This will enable them to improve the quality of services to the public and integrate information among related organisations to increase their productivity and to save energy.

"The government market is an important one for IBM," Parnsiree said. "We have various solutions and applications to support government organisations so that they will able to create advantages and efficiencies to support their operational process and services."

Under its smarter education programme, IBM will offer e-learning and smart kids solutions, along with other software to support educational organisations. The company's portfolio will include service science management and engineering solutions.

IBM has also signed a memorandum of understanding with government agencies and universities to use e-learning solutions that will allow students to connect and communicate with young people of diverse cultures around the world.

Lastly, the company is working with the General Insurance Association to provide seminars and consultancy for the insurance industry related to the management of operational risks through control objectives for information and related technologies.

"We believe that the Smarter Planet Agenda will help SMEs and other enterprises to move their businesses up to the next level of success. We have the hardware, software and solutions to support their businesses," Parnsiree said.


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