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CES fair

The Nation, Las Vegas

Samsung targets 10% of global digital camera market

Samsung has targeted a 10-per-cent share of the global digital-camera market this year.

 Soo Bong Kim, vice president for the strategy marketing team of the digital camera division of Samsumg Techwin, which oversees Samsung's camera business, said last year that the South Korean company had 9 per cent of the worldwide market, while market leaders Canon and Sony had around 20 per cent and 17 per cent, respectively.

Kim said that this year Samsung wanted to expand its market share to 10 per cent.

At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, Samsung introduced its new digital-camera line-up for the first half of this year.

Kim acknowledged that last year had been tough for all digital-camera companies, with worldwide sales coming in at 140 million units - short of the predicted 145 million.

"The worldwide economic crisis caused consumer spending to decrease, because people had to think more carefully when spending money on devices," he said.

He said that this year demand would still be flat in some countries, including the United States, China, Australia and Ukraine, as consumers are now more afraid to spend.

"But we hope that it will be better after the first six months," he added.

As to developing countries, he said demand was still growing.

When asked whether Samsung would focus on pricing in developing countries to expand the market, Kim said he company was more concerned about being top in terms of brand image.

Therefore, it has tapped the medium and high-end segments in developing countries by offering the best products with the best technology, he said.


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