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Read the following passages, and choose the best answer

Passage I

Procter & Gamble (Thailand) managing director Parinda Hasdarngkul says the firm is spending between Bt500 million and Bt1 billion on ads and promotions this year to brighten sales in the current economic gloom.

1. What is the money spent on?

A. Procter & Gamble (Thailand)

B. Parinda Hasdarngkul

C. Ads and promotions

D. Economic gloom

Passage II

Have some snacks and drinks under the stars while watching free German films with English subtitles at open air German cinema Goethe Institute, starting on Wednesday with "Emma's Bliss"; Friday, "A Friend of Mine"; and Saturday, "Ping-Pong". Show times are at 7.30pm. Call (02) 287 0942-4.

2. Which of the following offers is NOT included while watching German films?

A. snacks

B. drinks

C. English subtitles

D. An air-conditioned room

Answer:        1. C, 2. D

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