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How fast can you find the meaning of these words?

A. Choose the correct meaningof these words

1. negligent

a. giving more attention to something than necessary resulting in  a waste of resources

b. not giving enough attention to someone under your responsibility

c. receiving overly high attention leading to a spoiled character

d. demanding a high level of responsibility and care

2. formulate

a. to work out all details of a plan for doing something

b. to create a formula for a product

c. to develop a recipe for something

d. to calculate a mathematics problem using a mathematical formula

3. hover

a. to fly up and down

b. to move around in the air in a circle

c. to continue moving in the air

d. to stay in one place in the air

4. deluge (v)

a. to possess special qualities

b. to cover something with a lot of water

c. provide a high standard

d. to store something longer than advisable

5. reservoir

a. a natural or artificial lake to keep water for a city

b. a farewell to something

c. keeping something secretly

d. booking of a seat in a formal performance

B. Use the five words above to complete the following sentences

1. The Royal Irrigation Department has ......a water management plan to ensure that people in the east and northeast have enough water during the dry season.

2. As I looked towards the city, I could see thick black clouds ......  over the city, "We are going to have a bad flood again today," I told myself.

3. We should be save from the drought this year because all ...... across the region are full.

4. In Chiang Rai, the overflow from the Mekong River ....... many villages along its banks.

5. The doctor at a suburban clinic was suspected of being ...... , leading to the death of an infant.


A. 1. b, 2. a, 3. d, 4. b, 5. a

B. 1. formulated,2. hovering, 3. reservoirs , 4. deluged, 5. negligent

By Parnsap Yomanage

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