A museum touch tour

When visiting a museum in Thailand, one rapidly grows accustomed to all those "Do not touch!"....

Freshly Baked

  • Sip A cup of cool

    Siam Square's Cup B cafe is a popular meeting place for teens with a date for work or play


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Your Line

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At Work

Fly High

Finding the rhythm of life
Young exec Chumpol marches to a different beat in his spare time - he's the founder of Thailand's first drum and bugle band

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By the Pro

Enjoying work
How many times have you heard people talking about their "dream job"?

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In a rich man's world
Children learn some of life's tough lessons through a pantomime on money
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The riders of Rama VIII bridge
Kids on wheels have fun by the river
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Canada launches new search for Franklin expedition's lost ships
Canada on Friday announced an expedition to search....
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Understand English

To boost & to boot
Anybody who is not aware of the pronunciation of....
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At Joe's

Mali and Kit check out libraries
Read the dialogue and answer the questions that....
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Read the following passages, and choose the best....
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Rev Up

How fast can you find the meaning of these words?
A. Choose the correct meaningof these words
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Speak Thai

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