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Mali and Kit check out libraries

Read the dialogue and answer the questions that follow

Mali: When was the last time you visited a library? I haven't been to a library since university and even then it was for research not pleasure.

Kit: Does the manga rental shop I frequent count as a library? Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I've successfully avoided libraries my entire life. If a library had a well-stocked manga section and loose borrowing terms, I might pay them a visit.

Mali: I'd like to borrow novels that explore human nature in beautiful, meaningful stories. There are loads of celebrated writers that I've never read.

Kit: Well, that sounds... priggish... and dull. Really, Mali, instead of reading novels why don't you read something novel and fun?

Mali: I'll give manga a try too, but after my favourite TV programme. I've got to know what happens next.

Kit: Something tells me your new reading plan isn't going to get off the ground.

1. What is the most likely reason why Kit says he has "successfully avoided libraries"?

a. It is a hobby for Kit to avoid libraries.

b. Libraries do not have manga.

c. It is difficult for Kit to find libraries.

d. Libraries are expensive.

2. What does Kit think of Mali's reading choice?

a. It is arrogant and boring.

b. It is deep and pure.

c. It is fresh and fun.

d. It is intelligent and flexible.

3. What are the two meanings for "novel" used in the conversation?

a. A book and exciting

b. A true story and old

c. A magazine and new

d. A fiction story and new

4. Which most likely comes first for Mali?

a. novels

b. manga

c. TV programmes

d. libraries

5. What does it mean if something "gets off the ground"?

a. It levitates.

b. It begins.

c. It wakes up.

d. It continues.

Answers:          1. b, 2. a, 3. d, 4. c, 5. b

By Joe Serrani

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