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How fast can you find the meaning of these words?

A. Choose the correct meaning of these words

1. ludicrous

a. being obnoxious but witty

b. stupid or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at

c. causing trouble without realising it

d. naive and inexperienced

2. injunction

a. a intersection where roads from many directions meet

b. a kind of medical treatment

c. a particular process of work that requires extra concentration

d. an official order by a court of law to stop someone from doing something

3. murky

a. of lower standard

b. unclear vision caused by ageing eyes

c. complicated, unpleasant and not clear

d. hiding some crucial information

4. fugitive

a. a person who is running away from the police

b. a vendor who sells illegal or stolen goods

c. a student who is caught cheating during a test

d. an officer who demands tea money

5. subsidiary

a. a diary that contains personal financial information

b. a sum of money given to somebody in need

c. a fund-raising campaign organised by NGOs

d. a company which is owned by a larger one

B. Use the five words above to complete the following sentences

1. The Administration Court has issued an ...... to stop two cabinet members from continuing in their posts after they were subjected to trials in court.

2. Many ...... were arrested after they were found crossing the border to flee from fighting in their country.

3. The company I work for is a ...... of a gigantic international telecommunications company based in Europe.

4. The new staff member got entangled in ...... working processes and nobody cared to give him any instructions.

5. It is ...... to give childish ice-breaking games to grown-ups; are you sure those are professional trainers?



A. 1. b, 2. d, 3. c, 4. a, 5. d

B. 1. injunction, 2. fugitives, 3. subsidiary, 4. murky, 5.  ludicrous

By Parnsap Yomanage

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