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The Nation creates history

The countdown has begun. Loyal Nation readers will next week be part of another milestone in the country's media history.

Published on February 27, 2008

The launch of Daily Xpress, Thailand's first-ever freesheet newspaper, to be published in English with a compact form, will take place along with the transformation of The Nation into a paper with a firm focus on in-depth business and political coverage.

The changes, which will start on March 5, are meant to better serve our readers, who we regard as smart, daring, knowledge-able, and tech savvy. Thanks to a thorough survey of media in Thailand we know that our readers are exactly that and we have planned the changes accordingly.

"Our strategy is to rethink The Nation to meet our readers' evolution and needs. But while changes have been made, what have been preserved are the credibility, substance and essential insights that are The Nation's trademark," said Pana Janviroj, president of The Nation/Daily Xpress.

About 100,000 copies of the freesheet will be distributed daily including to all current and future Nation subscribers, making it the largest-circulated English daily newspaper in Thailand.

Tulsathit Taptim will be editor of Daily Xpress. The Nation's managing editor, Thanong Khanthong, will replace Tulsathit as editor of The Nation.

"The younger generation of sophisticated readers is a largely unfufilled or untapped market as far as English language media is concerned. And we hope Daily Xpress, with a focus on lifestyle, human interest news, talk of the town events, entertainment and fun, will help serve their needs for a new kind of media," said Tulsathit.

He said Daily Xpress also aims to promote the concept of citizen journalism and readers' interaction by publishing reader-generated content.

The Nation readers, starting on March 5, will get a double package of news - in broadsheet and compact forms. With Daily Xpress also delivered to present and future Nation subscribers, it means Nation readers are treated to 72 pages of in-depth news, analyses and trendy lifestyle and entertainment reports on most days.

The Nation broadsheet will have more focus on business and political information and we are moving to easier-to-use design and navigation of news items and features. It will be published from Monday through Saturday. Daily Xpress with expanded content and features will continue to be delivered to Nation subscribers on Sunday.

"We aim to segment our content to suit how, when and where people actually use our media," Pana said.

"For example, subscribers can read The Nation in the morning for its focus on immediate business and political information to plan their work lives and then use Daily Xpress at their leisure during the day to plan social and lifestyle activities. And there will be no duplication of content between the two segments so whether you are reading for work or leisure it's always fresh and relevant information."

"We offer the same commitment, professionalism and more content," Thanong said. "All the great features, columns, letters, cartoons, games and sports coverage remain. We are simply presenting them in an adapted way as we and our readers ply the winds of change."

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