Positive growth

By keeping things simple and maintaining a healthy attitude, landscape designer Danchai Praison rarely has a....

Freshly Baked

Your Line

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At Work

Fly High

Doesn't add up
Advertiser admits the glamorous world of publicity isn't all it's cracked up to be

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How to

Write up a storm
Su Boonlieng asked his young audience at the "Dream Moulding Troop" programme: "Why do you need....
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By the Pro

Do you swim well? How good is your driving?
I am not a teacher but I always think that being good at a foreign language is similar to swimming or driving.....
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Free training at RMUTT
Everything is free at the handicraft career-training fair at the Rajamangala University of Technology....
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Not just an intern
Some students may have to just do photocopies, make coffee or answer phones, while others get recommended for....
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Wakeboarding Makes A Splash
Young people try new sport combining thrills of skiing and skateboarding Thai surfers are hooked on....
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Porsche mulls action over CO2 rules
Agence France-Presse FRANKFURT, GERMANY German luxury sports-car maker Porsche might take legal action if....
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Understand English

Black out
Black is a colour and also the nickname for a brand of whisky; but what about "blackout'?
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Ask Dr. English

Should and should have/Nitty-gritty/in a nutshell
Is there any difference in the meaning between the structures "should do something" and "should....
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Toefl Test

During our expedition my team discovered three new species of spiders and a number of still unclassified insects.
Choose the best answer to the questions below.
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