Captains outrageous

"Reefer Men' captures the evolution of the dope trade from happygolucky amateurs to highly....

Book in The News

  • Self-righteous rantings

    A 'defector' to the Thai way of life serves up an unsolicited hypothesis on the decline of American....

  • The sprinter tries a marathon

    Clive James can be witty, edifying and right on target in his profiles of 106 leaders in the liberal arts - he....

  • When the waves keep coming

    Kimina Lyall had a different experience than did most journalists who reported on the tsunami disaster in....

  • The astronaut's lament

    Through the window of the International Space Station, the 'marooned' men of Expedition 6 could only....

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Sunday Book Review

An apocalyptic masterpiece

Cormac McCarthy illuminates the gloom of modern existence with a Pulitzer-winning triumphPublished on July 23,....
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Under Discussion

Fiercely faithless

He's been named one of the world's top intellectuals, but are there more things in heaven and earth....
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  • The merry mentor

    A 'second father' to some of the country's leading figures today, inspirational teacher Khru....
  • The secret fragrance of Thai rice

    This book provides all the information that we, as rice eaters, aren't supposed to know about rice as a....
  • The Last Blue Mile

    The author of The Art of Uncontrolled Flight uncovers the proud and sometimes backstabbing world of the Air....
  • If Today Be Sweet

    Tehmina Sethna's beloved husband has died this past year and she is visiting her son, Sorab, in his....
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Featured Authors

  • Creating a cop called Costa

    David Hewson, in Bangkok to unveil not one but two new novels, says if you only write what you know,....
  • Grace and fun and freedom

    In his second book on the subject, Brian Mertens remains effusive in his admiration for Thai art and design -....
  • Revealing the realm

    A new book on Angkor by photographer Martin Reeves transports the reader into a dream world
  • New light on Suu Kyi

    Justin Wintle once saw Burma's icon of democracy riding a bicycle at Oxford. He's learned a lot....
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Who's reading what

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New Release

Learning to Excel

John Walkenbach's Favourite Excel 2007 Tips & Tricks
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Books of The Nationk

Tea with the fat kid

On one of the more recent chartered flights into familiar airspace - this nagging matter of China taking over....
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Book World

Suwadee and the sorcerer

Harry Potter built Suwadee Chongsatitwattana's Nanmee Books into an empire in time for its 15th....
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