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conscious councillor

In a bid to discourage the use of plastic bags, a Phuket councillor yesterday handed out free cloth bags to shoppers.

Published on August 30, 2007

conscious councillor

Chaowana Kiatchaowana-sewee, a Phuket councillor and vice chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce, said he produced 1,200 cloth bags at his own expense.

"I want to raise awareness that we should reduce the consumption of plastic bags," Chaowana said.

Phuket generated more than 500 tonnes of garbage a day, he said, but its waste incinerator could only dispose of half that amount (250 tonnes). Other garbage is dumped in a landfill, but it has limited space.

"The garbage problem is about to reach a critical point," Chaowana explained. The councillor said he had talked to local department stores to try to reduce the use of plastic bags - but had little success. "So, I hope my campaign will help."

Chaowana handed out cloth bags at the Kaset market yesterday and plans to produce more.

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