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Mon, April 2, 2007 : Last updated 20:55 pm (Thai local time)

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Village headmen and kamnans want to retire at 60.

Village headmen and kamnan yesterday asked the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) to amend the law to permit them to remain in their post, once elected, until they reached 60 years of age rather then taking up the position for only one fiveyear term.

The local leaders want the change be stated into a new constitution. However, CDA chairman Noranit Setabutr explained their positions were regulated by legislation and not the constitution.

However, he promised to discuss their demands with drafters during their Friday meeting at Bang Saen.

President of the Nakhon Ratchasima association of village headmen and kamnan, Anuwat Thinarat, headed the delegation of local leaders.

However, they association are willing to consider a tenyear term for the village chief and kamnan, according to an open letter.

It said the current fiveyear term allowed troublemakers like drug dealers to "interfere" and "strip them of their posts". The letter did not elaborate.

Noranit explained it would be difficult to write their demands into a constitution because they were regulated by local administrative and supplementary laws.

Extending their terms of office to 60 years would effectively mean the positions were part of the civil service. He suggested they poll public opinion.

Later, the Promotion of Local Administration Foundation asked Noranit to include in the constitution the decentralisation of power to local administrations.

In addition it asked for a study of the decentralisation of power, the establishment of localdevelopment organisations and a clear definition of the role and duties of local administration organisations including their authority to provide publichealth services.

It added there should be committees providing checks and balances at the central and provincial government level.

Noranit will table the requests in the CDA.

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