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Wed, November 29, 2006 : Last updated 11:31 am (Thai local time)

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Home > Politics > Coup leaders need to prove themselves, says Thai Rak Thai

Coup leaders need to prove themselves, says Thai Rak Thai

A Thai Rak Thai executive warned yesterday that the junta should not abuse its power by accusing the deposed government of Thaksin Shinawatra of a series of scandals because its "robbery" on September 19 - the coup - had no legitimacy.

"As the country is turning back to the road for democracy, the coup leaders have no need to allege that the previous elected government did wrong," TRT executive Ekkaporn Rakkwamsuk claimed.

Instead, he said, the coup leaders should have told the people how they would turn the power - "robbed" from the previous government - into actions that benefit the country.

The junta - the Council for National Security (CNS) - and the new government have been fiercely criticised in recent weeks for failing to help the country prosper and turn to democracy, as promised shortly after ousting Thaksin.

Ekkaporn also claimed the CNS did not fairly treat his party in a democratic fashion, but had attempted to give that impression.

"Please stop tapping telephones of former MPs and key members of the Thai Rak Thai Party," he said, adding that the junta's men should stop stalking them too.

In regard to recent situations, Ekkaporn believed the new government appointed by the CNS was repeating what TRT had done before the coup.

"Thai Rak Thai doesn't back what has happened [the coup] under any condition, but we won't resist them," Ekkaporn said.

"We're still strict about the rule of democracy and non-violence," he said.

The CNS and the government had to clarify plenty of doubts over its seizure of power and had to prove that they acted for the country, not themselves, Ekkaporn said.

"Otherwise, the public will lose all faith in them," he said.

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