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Wed, November 22, 2006 : Last updated 19:36 pm (Thai local time)

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"What Thaksin had done wrong"

Summary of Council for National Security's "White Paper" detailing Thaksin's alleged wrongdoings

Why did Council for National Security overthrow the Thaksin administration?

Corruption/conflict of interests

Changed concessions on mobile phone business as excise tax

Created satellite business to gain promotion from Board of Investment

Corruption at Suvarnabhumi Airport and the purchase of CTX bomb detection scanners

Corruption in the construction of railway Airport Link

Lack of transparency in privatisation of state enterprises

Media interference

Abuse of power

Appointed family, relatives, close aides to highranking positions of the state

Used state budget without seeking approval from the House in projects to promote government popularity

Abuse of power by negotiating with foreign countries for the interest of themselves (Exim bank loans)

Abuse of power by instructing state agencies to investigate assets of government opponents

Infringe on ethics and moral integrity of country leader

Sold satellite concession and television station to a foreign country

Evaded taxes from share sale

Interference in political check system

Interfered with the Senate which appointed independent agencies that checked the government

Interfered with the appointment of Election Commission, Constitution Court judge and National Counter Corruption Commission and AuditorGeneral

Policy flaws that led to human rights violation

Extrajudicial killing of drug suspects

Policy mismanagement and abuse of power in solving violence in the south

Created rift and destroyed unity of the public and instigating confrontation

Blocked information that checked the government and the prime minister

Created confrontation between anti and pro government supporters

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