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Thu, September 7, 2006 : Last updated 20:34 pm (Thai local time)

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Chat Thai's 3 new candidates

Chat Thai Party leader Banharn Silapa-archa, second from right, is flanked by Prapat Panyachatraksa, right, and Wiroj Tangwanich, while at far left is Nalikatipak Saengsanit. The three have joined Chat Thai and will contest the next election under the par
The Chat Thai Party yesterday introduced three new electoral candidates and pledged two key platforms.

The party says it would try to complete the new round of political reforms within 18 months and set up an independent body to address farm-related grievances.

"My party has a successful track record for political reforms leading to the promulgation of the 1997 Constitution and I am confident that I can push through another round of reforms," party leader Banharn Silapa-archa said.

Chat Thai was fully ready the contest the ballot, he said, boasting about its three new recruits - Prapat Panyachatraksa, Nalikatipak Sanegsanit and Wiroj Tangwanich.

Prapat was a Thai Rak Thai executive and Cabinet member in charge of natural resources and the environment before joining Chat Thai - as a party-list candidate.

Prapat said he amicably parted ways with ruling party leader Thaksin Shinawatra because he wanted to implement political reforms with Chat Thai.

With his extensive experience with farm groups, he said he hoped to help Chat Thai set up an Agricultural Council to address the plight of farmers.

Banharn said he was ready to spearhead constitutional amendments, noting the next government would be a transitional one to usher in reforms before another poll.

In the meantime, the incoming Election Commission would have to set a new date for the current poll, he said, as it would not be able to stage one on October 15. "In my opinion, the new election should take place as soon as possible for the sake of salvaging the economy," he said.

Nalikatipak is expected to run as a party-list candidate. He took an early retirement from the military three years ago to serve as vice minister for information and communications technology.

His father is former supreme commander General Viroj Saeng-sanit, an ally of Banharn. Wiroj is slated to run for a House seat in Bangkok that covers Chinatown.

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