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Sun, January 29, 2006

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ANALYSIS: Thaksin too clever by half?

The premier’s denial of Ample Rich Investments in his asset-concealment case in 2001 seems to have the potential of coming back to bite him where it really hurts.

ALTERNATIVE FUEL: Gasohol pumps may soon be running dry

Producers cannot compete with food exporters for pricey raw materials. Motorists could soon find gasohol, a cheap and increasingly popular alternative to petrol, running low or costing more at filling stations, energy experts say. The government’s ill-planned promotion of the mixture of petrol and crop-based ethanol, which is Bt1-Bt1.50 cheaper per litre than regular and premium petrol, has caused serious supply problems.

Joint statement

The Law Society of Thailand and the National Press Council will tomorrow issue a joint statement to inform the public of their concerns over the historic Bt73-billion Shin/Temasek deal. Dej-udom Krairit, president of the Law Society, said the statement would cover the tax issues involved in the mega-deal, in which Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s immediate family and his in-laws are accused of avoiding a huge tax bill.