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Thu, January 05, 2006

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KIDS IN TROUBLE: Child crimes top 30,000: survey

Government programme suggests environmental factors to blame; awards to be given to child-friendly provinces. Children committed 32,215 crimes last year, an average of 88 crimes per day, according to a nation-wide research project.

Two sites considered for Unesco World Heritage list

Unesco has accepted a Thai proposal to consider adding two cultural sites in the Northeast to the list of World Heritage Sites.Thailand’s World Heritage Committee has proposed 11 natural and cultural sites for consideration since early last year, director of the Natural and Cultural Environment Conservation Division, Ratchavadee Sriprapat, said yesterday.

SPECIAL REPORT: Crucial six months ahead for PM

Thaksin must address voters’ growing concerns before May’s censure debate

Death toll down over holidays

Road accidents during the holiday season claimed fewer lives and caused less injuries than last year, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday.

Doctor ‘negligent’

A police officer yesterday filed a complaint with the Nong Khai Health Office, accusing the provincial hospital of negligence that led to the stillbirth of his boy.

Egat listing opponents fired upon

Anti-privatisation activists early yesterday were shot at after confronting a group of armed men who tore down banners at Lumpini Park that blasted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s plan to privatise Egat Plc.

Pinij clash starts anew in 2006

The row between Public Health Minister Pinij Charusombat and the Medical Council over a recent medical malpractice case was renewed yesterday as the parties involved returned to work.

Pair abduct woman in Surat Thani

Two men abducted a 20-year-old Brazilian woman yesterday, police said.

SSO to clear up dental-care confusion

To clear up confusion over dental-care coverage, the Social Security Office (SSO) is to send letters to nearly 300 hospitals across the country explaining its extended health coverage for employees in the programme.

PRIME MINISTER’S POWERS: Opposition slams ‘draconian’ bill

Abhisit: PSDC proposal would give PM unconstitutional authority over local officials

Confidence in TRT rises

Public confidence in the ruling Thai Rak Thai Party increased last month, but voters indicated dissatisfaction regarding the party’s recent internal disputes, a survey released yesterday by Suan Dusit showed.

Attack response ‘wasn’t slow’

Deputy Prime Minister Chidchai Vanasatidya yesterday dismissed an allegation that security forces had been slow to react to the recent decapitation of a colleague whose head was found yesterday only 60 metres away from the scene of an ambush.

Human rights are trampled in South: AI

In a new report on the violence between security forces and armed insurgents in the deep South, Amnesty International (AI) accuses both sides of consistently violating basic human rights.

Compensation for families of missing

In what might be a new insight into government-led forced disappearances, the Thaksin Shinawatra administration has paid Bt10,000 in preliminary compensation to each of 13 alleged victims in the deep South, a source from a sub-committee on healing families of missing people said yesterday.

IN BRIEF: Economy

Prime minister to meet business leaders in confidence-building bid

MP urged to resign

A Democrat MP yesterday urged Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to pressure a Thai Rak Thai MP, who allegedly forged an educational certificate, to resign as a House member.