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Thu, November 17, 2005

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A snip in style

A Japanese hair designer demonstrates his skills as Bangkok’s very own ‘Eddy Scissorhands’. Holding two pairs of scissors, Eddy K swiftly shapes his client’s hair. He pauses briefly to examine the layers, decides the graduations are sufficiently subtle and summons an assistant to take over.

Building booze-free kids

There’s an important new message for young people in the letters DNA: Drink No Alcohol. Centre Point in Bangkok’s Siam Square was roaring one night last week as cheerleaders whipped a mass of students into a frenzy with a vigorous “DNA Boom”.

BOOK TALK: So Sethaputra: Not a mere dictionary compiler

Every educated Thai born after World War II knows the name So Sethaputra. The English-Thai/Thai-English dictionaries he compiled have, since the late 1940s, been fixtures in many a home, despite the fact that many such lexicons have been published since.