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Thu, October 13, 2005

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EDITORIAL: Neighbourly ties must be restored

The downturn in Thai-Malaysian relations can be reversed by less belligerence and more dialogue. The worsening relations between the Thai and Malaysian governments is bad news for both countries. The deterioration of the two nations’ once-cherished neighbourly ties has reached a new low point, with leaders no longer even on speaking terms.

THAI TALK: Nightmares haunt dream-school project

A shocking discovery is negatively affecting the government’s grand, much-touted scheme to develop one “dream school” in each district of the country. The schools are, in one way or another, deeply in debt. And it’s all because the central government under PM Thaksin Shinawatra wanted them to be IT-savvy, whether they were ready or not.

Lessons of Kosovo on the high costs of intervention

Kosovo is often held up as a test case for the concept of “humanitarian” intervention. But as Iraq spirals into chaos, diplomats and leaders everywhere are again asking themselves if it is ever appropriate for alliances of nations or the international community as a whole to intervene when a sovereign country appears unable or unwilling to defend its citizens from genocide, war crimes, or ethnic cleansing.