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Sun, September 18, 2005

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ATTACK ON UN AGENCY: PM ‘must back up his claim’

Thaksin has to clarify ambiguous remarks: Abhisit

Matichon case seen as warning for society

A mass-media academic yesterday urged the public to closely watch further developments in the aborted hostile takeover bid of Matichon Plc by GMM Grammy. Anusorn Srikaew, dean of Rangsit University’s Faculty of Communication Arts, said GMM Grammy would still be represented on Matichon’s board following the truce.

Nano-cards sound better than snake oil

Nanotechnology promises wonderful products, such as refrigerators that prevent bacterial growth and clothing that doesn’t need washing for 37 years. Now, thanks to a newly created card using the technology of the tiny, Thai consumers may soon be able to try a pain reliever that alleviates pain without drugs.