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Wed, August 24, 2005

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NCR blames southern violence on 'injustices'

Violence has flared up in the South because of perceived injustices, and regaining trust in the judicial system for local residents is key to restoring peace, chairman of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) said today (Wednesday).

Ministry delays sending a further 800 workers after Kaohsiung riot

The Labour Ministry will delay sending about 800 new labourers to Taiwan following a wild melee by Thai workers in Taiwan on Sunday while Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra urged unskilled workers to stay home.


Veteran Japanese astronaut jets into Bangkok on lofty quest to help Thai youngsters reach for the stars. Koichi Wakata is a veteran Japanese astronaut who has completed two missions for Nasa, spending almost 22 days in space. In Bangkok for the National Science Week 2005, Wakata is firmly earthbound, yet his mission today will be no less lofty: to inspire Thai youngsters to follow his footsteps to outer space.

The wall-clinging secrets of geckos revealed

Have you ever wondered why geckos can stick to walls while we humans canít? Are you surprised that thin spider webs are so sticky that flying insects suddenly find themselves stuck? Whatever your questions, the answers are at National Science Week 2005, the countryís largest science and technology exhibition, being held at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani from now until Sunday.

PM asks the big question: Who is it?

Thaksin leads Cabinet bid to uncover which minister quietly received a silicone injection