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Mon, August 22, 2005

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EDITORIAL: Ancient medicine on the mend

Ignored for too long as we came to rely on Western healthcare, holisticThai healing arts find renewed vigour. Mainstream Thai society is finally renewing interest in traditional medicine that has been around for centuries but has been neglected in recent times.

REGIONAL PERSPECTIVE: The scope of royal power and constitutional rights

Thailand has a long history of democratic development, bumpy though it has been. In 1932, the absolute monarchy transformed into a constitutional monarchy. Since then, the monarchy has been a stabilising force for Thai politics and society. It has led without leading. HM the King’s words are sacrosanct. Dozens of books have been written on the topic.

Southern conflict marked by a profound sense of history

On his recent trip to the South, Thaksin told the people of Tak Bai to forget the events of the recent past and begin a new life.