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Published on July 20, 2005

Photo opportunity upsets Jirasak

Finishing in the top three in an international marathon race is something to be proud of, but not for local runner Jirasak Suthichart. As he crossed the finish line in third place in last Sunday’s Pattaya Marathon, he started shouting and cursing the photographers who were swarming in front of the line.

Kenyan John Rotich, who was first over the line, stormed home so fast that the cameramen did not get any shots of him finishing. So they asked Rotich to repeat his run over the finish line so they get some pictures. The Kenyan happily obliged and crossed the line - for the second time - with both arms spread out, but Jirasak, who was still competing, came sprinting at the line in third place.

Jirasak did not know Rotich’s run was a repeat for the photographers and he clashed with the Kenyan at the line. The photographers started yelling at Jirasak, telling him he was stupid. “We missed the chance to take Rotich’s photo again,” some of the cameramen shouted. “What the hell are you doing here? I’m competing and you all tried to interfere. You don’t have eyes, or what,” the moody Jirasak shouted back before disappearing into the crowd.


Danai swaps racquet for mike

Once he starts, he just cannot stop. When Thailand’s No 2 men’s tennis player Danai Udomchoke swapped his tennis racquet for a microphone at the residence of the Thai Consul in Osaka, he was joined by a group of other amateur singers including twin doubles specialists Sonchat and Sanchai Ratiwatana on Sunday night.

But Danai stole the show, not because of his performance but because he took control of the mike. His pet song was the old hit “When You Say Nothing At All”. But a few noticed that Danai is more suited for tennis than singing. Some even said that he sings his best, when he sings nothing at all.


Sirimongkol bares it all

It’s nothing new for a WBC super-feather weight champion like Sirimongkol Singwangcha to pose for a fashion magazine, but when explicit pictures of him were featured in a nude magazine it caused a big controversy. Two major daily newspapers ran his nude pictures on their front pages and the man named as the best professional boxer in 2003 is now the talk of the town. The “Golden Boy”, his nickname in boxing circles, was paid Bt200,000 for modelling for Heat Man magazine.

At 28, Sirimongkol denied doing it for the money, claiming his financial situation is fine. He boasted that the pictures were good and he’d had positive reactions from them. Some 1,000 copies have been sold on the black market at Chatuchak weekend market.

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