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Wed, July 20, 2005

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EMERGENCY POWERS: Media finally unites in face of blatant assault on press freedom

Editors agree PM has hidden agenda for enacting decree during meeting yesterday

Thaksin has been left with few friends in the press corps

There’s no faster way for a government to turn the entire press corps against itself.

Final six chosen for NCCC selection committee

The committee responsible for selecting a new National Counter Corruption Commission will convene its first meeting today after its final six members were elected yesterday.

Immigrant workers have 1m kids here

The number of Thai-born children under the age of 15 of immigrant workers has grown tenfold to one million in the past 10 years, a children’s-rights activist said yesterday.

High oil price sparks run on pawnshop

The Muang Buri Ram municipality pawnshop is in danger of closing after a flood of residents affected by high oil prices turned to the service for quick cash, its manager said yesterday.

Wage hikes for the unskilled

The Cabinet yesterday approved raising the daily minimum wage for unskilled workers by between Bt2 and Bt8.

University hands over two student suspects

The Rajabhat Institute in Yala has handed over two students to security officials on suspicion that they are members of the separatist movement and were involved in last week’s terrorist attacks on Muang Yala.

Reaction is mixed as southerners brace for martial law

Vendors in the three southern border provinces yesterday expressed support for the government’s State of Emergency Decree while Muslims voiced opposition.

Three schools in Pattani temporarily closed after teacher is gunned down

Three schools in Pattani have temporarily closed after the director of Ban Tha Dan School was killed in an ambush in Yaring district while on his way to work.

HEALTH SCANDAL: Lawyer files suit against top official

Permanent secretary Vichai accused of malfeasance and unlawfully scrapping computer procurement project

Panel wants to question architects on airport

The Senate anti-graft committee will invite representatives from the syndicate that helped design the Suvarnabhumi International Airport to testify about its original plan, which required six bomb scanners, and not the 26 that were ultimately ordered, the panel’s chairman said yesterday.

Quit if decree fails to do the job: group

The government should resign if it fails to end the violence in the deep South three months after the State of Emergency Decree has been in effect, civic groups said yesterday.

Thanong emerges as frontrunner for finance

Thanong Bidaya is the latest contender for the post of finance minister, in a potential move that would take him from his Commerce portfolio to steer fiscal policies amid economic turbulence caused by soaring oil prices, an informed source said yesterday.

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STUDYING ABROAD: Students find Germany challenging

Needy scholarship recipients fight loneliness, criticism

‘Pupils better prepared now’

ODOS guardian shocked by suicide last year, but believes programme will improve further in 2006


Shin witness: She did it for the fame

Father beats daughter with coat hanger

A headmaster led police to arrest an abusive father who repeatedly struck his seven-year-old daughter with a coat hanger, a police said yesterday.