Nation Group announces corporate restructuring

Published on July 05, 2005

Nation Multimedia Group Plc will embark on a major corporate restructuring with the creation of six business units designed to optimise efficiency and synergy.

The new line-up will ensure continuous and timely improvement in editorial content of all media outlets within the group.

The Nation is one of the new business units established with Pana Janviroj assuming the position of president. He is succeeded as editor by Tulsathit Taptim, whose previous position as managing editor is assumed by Thanong Khanthong, previously deputy managing editor and the business editor.

The Nation will have its own board of directors chaired by Pakorn Borimasporn, currently a member of the board of Nation Multimedia Group Plc (NMG) and chairman of the audit committee. The Nation business unit will include Nation Junior magazine.

NMG is one of Thailand’s largest news media conglomerates with activities ranging from newspapers – both in Thai and English – to television, radio, Internet and mobile telephones. It is also the publisher of Krungthep Turakij business newspaper and mass-circulation Kom Chad Luek, recently named Newspaper of the Year by the World Association of Newspapers.

“We want to build up human resources, decentralise the management in order to compete with efficiency in diverse markets of readers and viewers, and sustain growth. Organisational flexibility will allow us to create a more powerful synergy between the business units,” said group chairman and CEO Thanachai Theerapattanavong.

Group editor-in-chief Suthi-chai Yoon said the group’s

top priority remains the commitment to satisfying the growing demand for fast, in-depth and independent content from the group’s print, electronic and Internet output.

“Editorial independence, excellence and professionalism will continue to be our main, unshakeable mission,” Suthichai said.

In a report for the Stock Exchange of Thailand yesterday, the five business units were listed as:

Krungthep Turakij and BizWeek

Chairman Nivat Changariyavong, president Prasert Lekavanichkajorn, editor Duangkamol Chotana

Kom Chad Luek and Nation Weekender

Chairman Thanachai Theerapattanavong, president Phimpakan Yansrisirichai, editor Korkhet Chantalertluk

Edutainment (including Nation Books, Direct English and cartoons)

Chairman Chaveng Chariyapisutthi, president Kesery Kanjana-Vanit

Broadcasting (including Nation Broadcasting Corp and Nation Radio Network)

Chairman Suthichai Yoon, president Adisak Limprungpatanakij, editor Pranot Vilapasuwan

Printing (including newspapers, books and magazines)

Chairman Thanachai Theerapattanavong, president Thanachai Santichaikul

Each of these businesses, as well as The Nation, will have its own board of directors. Each is answerable to the NMG’s board of directors.

“I am confident that these business units will be able to pursue the business potential of their lines and build up a new group of professionals and executives,” said Thanachai.

He said that NMG, which is entering its 35th year, has had to adjust in view of rapid changes in the Thai economy and society and that as the demand for media becomes more diverse, management flexibility is needed to help achieve diversity and at the same time strengthen the synergy.

He added that the rules of the game had changed recently with the formation of the National Telecom Commission and the upcoming National Broadcasting Commission.

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