‘Ektra’ brand of plastic products on the way

Published on June 07, 2005

Srithai Superware Plc, a major local manufacturer of melamine products, yesterday announced plans to launch its new “Ektra” brand in the domestic market to target younger customers.

Chairoj Eangtanarat, the company’s executive secretary, said Srithai would like to make Ektra appeal to teenagers and trendy consumers with cosmopolitan lifestyles.

“We will create our own modern retail shops to sell the new Ektra products. It is quite different from existing Superware brands, which have been sold through direct sales channels,” he said. The company will initially produce 30 different items under the Ektra range. At about Bt200 to Bt400 per item, the new products will be about 20-per-cent more expensive than the original Superware range.

Chairoj said the company has already started testing the market for feedback by distributing Ektra products to trendy retail outlets such as Loft, Propaganda, Playground and Emporium.

After getting positive feedback, the company plans to create its own retail outlet at Phaholyothin subway station in the next few months.

It also plans to transform its furniture outlet at Seacon Square on Sri Nakharin Road into a “speciality” store to sell a complete line-up of Ektra and Superware melamine products.

He said the Ektra products were developed in cooperation with Propaganda, a well-known maker of home decorative items.

Apart from changing its channels of distribution, Srithai will also change its product concept. The products will become functional, emotional and spiritual and have a unique, modern character, he said.

The “living products” concept will target consumers who consider themselves more individualistic, he said.

Superware products are used in the kitchen and dining room. “With the new product concept, consumers will not only buy items for their own homes, but they will also buy them as gifts for friends,” Chairoj said.

Srithai will also set up a new multi-level direct sales company in August to sell various kinds of non-melamine products to target younger consumers.

Ektra products have been exported to Australia and Japan for the last two months, and plans are afoot to export to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in the near future. “We will follow the successful model of Superware and build Ektra as the second core brand in the long term,” Chairoj said.

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